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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Rushmore Audio Commentary

A fascinating and entertaining track. Packed with anecdotes and praise for all involved, including shout-outs to Criterion, which is always great to hear.

All participants are recorded separately and their comments generally are screen specific. Owen Wilson shares some great stories and explains how much of the film is based on his childhood experiences (Owen was expelled from school, his father gave a speech similar to Bill Murray's etc
Wes anderson handles the technical side of things, camera lenses, shot composition, storyboarding etc and Jason Schwartzman basically describes how intimidating it was to be the main character in his first film.

This is a great commentary, that perfectly compliments a truly great film.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Fantastic Mr. Fox iPhone 7 Wallpaper

Fantastic Mr. Fox Audio Commentary.

Although recorder a few years after completion of the film, director Wes Anderson has no problem remembering even the smallest of details.

He has nothing but praise for all involved, shares good anecdotes, and makes a point of explaining the differing UK / US names for everyday items used in the animation - towelling / terrycloth, cling film / saran wrap etc Which may sound uninteresting, but once you realise the waterfall in one scene is actually just moving sections of cling film... it's pretty fascinating stuff.

Anderson could possibly have done with some company on this track, but even on his own, there is a ton of fascinating information on this commentary and I can see myself returning to it multiple times.

This commentary is only available on the Criterion Collection edition DVD / Blu Ray