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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Walter Hill on Supernova

P.F: I know that this is not your favourite topic of conversation, but what do you think you've learned the most by the whole Supernova experience?

W.H: Ah, what did I learn the most? Oh, I think there was a desperate political situation with a failing administration, and I foolishly got into helping a movie that I thought could turn into something, but I then discovered I didn't have as free a hand as I had been led to believe, and when I was taking the movie along the lines that I thought would make it a credible movie, they did not share that vision, so we had a rather angry breach, and the movie was re-cut by two or three directors. I won't say there's no recognition of what I did, but the ending's much different, and much of the setup is different. Mine was a much darker vision. I can honestly tell you that I have yet to have seen it, but it's on cable a lot and sometimes I'll be surfing about and I'll sit there and watch about 4 minutes just to see what they've fucked up, but James Spader's performance is still, I can see is quite interesting in it, I thought Jimmy did a good job.

P.F: So does that make you more wary when you're about to work with the studios or do you go in with eyes wider open?

W.H: Well, I think probably, its controlled material going in, the idea you're going to go in and help them with their thing, I think was probably naïve, despite the promises. But again, I think it was the administration that was going into a black hole and their failures were legendary and numerous.

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