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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Apocalypse Now Workprint Analysis

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Posted by: Jack Craven » 04 Feb 2014

This is list of some deleted scenes from cult classic Apocalypse Now. These scenes are only available on 289 minutes long workprint;

Opening scene and "The End" song are 10 minutes and 43 seconds long with more footage of Willard in his hotel room. At first there is some girl with black hair with him but she leaves. Willard then starts practicing some kind of fighting moves,hits the mirror and eventually takes of his boxer shorts and moves his bloody hand all over his body. Then he starts crying or screaming and after some time he is calm again.
Willard is on the floor when two soldiers start to knock on his door. After they put him under the shower,he screams and says "You bastards". After the shower he asks one of the soldier where he's from while soldier is shaving him.
Scene with Willard and army officers is longer with alternate shots of many parts. There is some talk about army helping with filming of John Wayne "Green Beret" movie. From some reason,colonel Kurtz is called colonel Leslie in workprint version of this scene. At one point,while Harrison Ford's character is naming some tribes in the jungle,scene cuts outside showing the sign on which is written "If you kill for pleasure,you're sadist,if you kill for money,you're mercenary,if you kill for both,you're RANGER". One soldier is shown taking pictures and one is shown sitting on some bench on which words "Re-up" are written.
Willard meets with Chief,Chef,Clean and Lance. Scene is shown disolved with actors looking at camera. Extra footage of boat traveling across river with The Doors "I Can't See Your Face In My Mind" song playing in background. Close up of Willard is shown with him kissing his hand. Then,black card is shown with white letters SCENE MISSING.
There is extra footage and dialogue in the scene where Willard and crew have arrived on the beach where Kilgor's boys are cleaning up the mess. Sound is really bad in this scene with helicopter sounds much louder than voices of actors. American soldier talking on loudspeaker with Vietnamese people while somebody else is translating is however heard much better then most of the other dialogue in the scene.
Longer night time beach party scene with some alternate shots.
Helicopter attack scene is 25 minutes long from the part where "Ride Of Valkyrie" starts and up untill the part where Willard is laughing after stealing Kilgors' surfing board. Scene has several extended or additional dialogue and action parts.
After that,crew is traveling across the river while Doors song "Summer's Almost Gone" is playing in the background.
"I will not hurt or harm you" scene is little longer with crew laughing and Lance heading over to the machine gun pretending that he's gonna shot at the helicopter when he heards Kilgor's voice and jumps back while Chef is saying "He's on our side! The fucker is on our side!" Willard is also joking about Kilgor by repeating his "hurt or harm you" line.
Mango search scene is little longer with very funny part where,after tiger jumps out of the jungle,Chef screams "There's a fucking tiger,man!" and after he and Willard start to run,Chef starts to shoot when Willard shouts "Watch where you're fuckin shooting at!"
Playboy bunnies dance scene is 10 minutes long with some extra parts.
"Satisfaction" scene has different version of the song. Willard tells Clean to turn the music down,and Clean tells Chef that one day he's gonna frag Willard.
Scene where crew finds crashed helicopter has some extra dialogue.
Bunnies for the fuel scene is around 20 minutes long with extra dialogue scenes and some other parts. After Clean appears next to the Lance and his girl,title card SCENE MISSING is shown and scene cuts to crew continuing traveling across the river.
Willard is reading what i think is letter from Kurtz for about minute and 20 seconds long.
Clean is shaving while Chef is singing but then he starts to make fun of Clean and argument starts untill Chief stops it.
After Chief asks Lance what's with green paint on his face and he answers him,small boat appears in the river. Lance wants to take the boat,but Chief tells him to stop and fires four shots at it and the boat explodes. Doors song "People Are Strange" is playing in the background of dialogue free parts of the scene.
Bridge scene is shown after another SCENE MISSING card and it's 14 minutes long with extra dialogue parts and some alternate shots. Lance sees soldier with destroyed face and another one who tells him that he can see VC soldier on the other side, i'm not sure but it looks like this crazed soldier is taking pictures with camera or is looking at something with binoculars. Alternate take was used for Willard's question to the black soldier firing M60. Instead of "What you shooting at soldier" he asks "Hey soldier,what the fuck are you shooting at".
Mail from home scene is longer. Lance is freaking out longer on acid and starts some more smoke grenades. All of sudden,Lance shoots and kills water buffalo and saying afterwards that he controls the life of everything and that nobody can tell him what to do. Attack from the jungle scene and Clean's death are not shown in the workprint.
French plantation scene is about 30 minutes long and with lot of differences between Redux version and workprint version.
Chief wants to stop the boat because of the fog and tells Willard that he's not gonna risk any more lives while he plays his war games. Willard gets angry and tells Chief never to tell him that again.
Second jungle attack scene on boat and Chief's death scene are not shown in workprint.
Longer travel to the Kurtz's camp with Lance freaking out on acid while boat is moving across the river and between the mountains.
Last hour and (i think) 26 minutes of workprint shows MANY extended and alternate scenes of Willard held captive,more scenes with Colby and photographer,also shows photographer's death scene (he is shot by Colby four times with shotgun) and Colby's death scene (Willard throws knife at him after he kills photographer). Colby asks Willard to visit his wife and kids after he gets back to the world and to kill Kurtz. Some extra scenes between Willard and Kurtz are also shown. While Doors song "When The Music's Over" is playing in background Willard is sneaking around and kills some guards with knife and when one tries to use some small boy as a shield,Willard kills both him and the boy with a spear. After killing two more guards (it looks like he decapitates one of them!) Willard sneaks behind Kurtz and kills him and workprint stops there.

Some scenes that are in '79 cut and Redux cut are not in the workprint, like for example, death scenes of Clean and Chief.
Deleted scene called "Monkey Sampan" which is available in extra features of Redux version shows Willard and boat crew finding sampan (small boat) with naked and mutilated corpse tied on it and lots of monkeys sitting around. Chief tells Willard that sampan is coming from where they are going. Creepy and disturbing scene which however is not in the workprint.
Famous original "Air strike" ending was only included in early previews back in '79. It's also available on Special Edition DVD as extra feature, but it's not included in any version of the film.

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